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We are so appreciative of our weekly CSA boxes. It has been very exciting to see what was in the box and read the informative and thought provoking newsletters. It also felt really wonderful to support some of our local farmers as well as eat such fresh, vibrant, nourishing food. The food from Timken Farm beams with vitality and nutrients. In addition due to it's freshness the shelf life at room temperature was fantastic! A much appreciated bonus when dealing with 20+ pound boxes of food without a refrigerator. I respect Timken's commitment to the environment of the earth as well as the farm workers.

the food you eat is extremely important to not just you but to our world.  Agriculture today has become dominated by several large corporations.  Gone are the days of the family farms.  According to the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, during the past 50 years, an average of 219 farms per day in the United States have closed or been amalgamated into a larger enterprise.  The number of family farms has plummeted due to increased competition, soaring property taxes, and a society addicted to fast food.  Today's food system is all about packaged, fast (average time spent preparing evening meal in United States in 2004: 6.5 minutes versus 2.5 hours in 1954), cheap, and conventionally grown food.  Soil erosion, pesticide use, genetically modified foods are repercussions of our current food demands.  Typical produce travels 1569 miles to be delivered to your local grocery store using fossil fuels and further perpetuating our reliance on foreign oil.  The typical American prepared meal contains, on average, ingredients from at least five countries outside the United States.

But today there is hope.  As people in our country learn more about organic farming practices, the benefits of sustainable agriculture, and the true cost of our current food system, they are changing their food choices. The true cost and value of organic growing supports the local economy, the farmer, and the earth. The local organic food movement is growing, markets are thriving, small farms are popping up around the country, and the CSA model is making farming sustainable for families.  We believe that as everyone has a doctor, a dentist, and optometrist, it is essential that everyone have a farmer to complete their wellness cycle. You have a choice- and we are here to help.



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