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As an apprentice at the Timken Farm, I felt like a farmer. I was included in farm discussions as well as trouble shooting and decision making. During the entire season they were looking after me and made it easy to feel like part of the family. It was a wonderful environment to work in.

in a self-motivated person to work with our family helping to grow and diversify our organic farm. An ideal candidate will love working outdoors, have a sense of humor, a love of farming, and a strong desire to support our community by growing local, nutritious, and tasty food.

An apprenticeship at Timken Farm offers a diverse experience working with two full-time farmers. You will be active in all aspects of farming including, seed starting, harvesting, packing CSA boxes, preparing for market, soil management, composting, transplanting, small building projects, etc.

Please contact us for more specifics.



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