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We have really enjoyed the wonderful experience of the natural rhythm of food... how it comes and goes with the seasons.  We would pay more for our subscription... it saves us money in the long run with less trips to the store, less gas consumed, and we buy less extraneous items.  Thank you for growing our food!


  • Maintain and build healthy soil by farming practices that include rotating crops annually, using compost, cover crops, green manures, and reducing tillage
  • Reject the use of synthetic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers
  • Strive to support small seed companies that work at maintaining genetic diversity and developing regional varieties.  Reject the use of GMOs, chemically treated seeds, synthetic toxic materials, irradiation, and sewer sludge; Handle raw manure and soil amendments with care.
  • Test our soil and water for contaminants to ensure compliance with federal regulations.
  • Ensure food safety by using potable water for washing crops; Practice minimal processing for all food products to preserve the natural nutritional value of food: NO use of irradiation, ultra-pasteurization, excessive heat, synthetic preservatives, or GMO processing agents or additives.
  • Support agricultural markets and infrastructures that enable small farms to thrive.
  • Treat livestock humanely by providing pasture for ruminants, access to outdoor and fresh air for all livestock, banning cruel alterations, and using no hormones or antibiotics in feed.
  • Help preserve farmland and farming know-how; Treat farm workers with respect, and ensure their safety on the farm; Work in cooperation with other farmers and with the neighboring community to create a more vibrant agricultural community.
  • Conserve natural resources by reducing erosion and pollution of the air, soil and water through responsible farming practices; Create beneficial habitat for wildlife and encourage biodiversity; sustain the land in healthy condition for future generations.  Strive to reduce the ecological footprint of farms and homes by limiting energy use and converting to renewable sources of energy.



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