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In April of 2000, when I found out my partner was pregnant, I went on a quest to find the best food possible for my new family. At the time I knew very little about agriculture, small-scale farming, local produce, or CSA’s. That next year, I started out as an intern on two farms on Vashon, a small island in the Puget Sound. Initially I wanted to simply join a CSA or just go once a month and work on a farm, get my hands in the soil, but as I started working I realized I had tapped into something much more fulfilling and rewarding than I had imagined. I was inspired to become involved. I was commuting back and forth 4 times a week and would return to Seattle with beautiful, fresh food and wonderful stories about this rural lifestyle with its rich farming history. In 2002, we purchased 10 acres of land on Vashon Island with the goal of setting up a working farm.Timken Farm started as test plots, soil samples, cover crops and lots of construction. We officially opened for business in 2004 for our first growing season and we have been growing and enjoying it ever since.



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